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Hittz Talks About How Leauge Boii Got Started, His Relationship With Smylez, Lil Jojo, 600Breezy, Ne

Chicago rapper Hittz stop by AON Studios to talk about his journey in his rap career, and catch up on what he got going on for 2018. Hittz is known for his association for the rap group "League Boii," that him and Chicago legend Smylez created together. Hittz says as a child he always wanted to be a rapper, and not a normal person with a job.

Hittz opens up on his relationship with his close friend Smylez. Hittz says Smylez did a lot more work in the Chicago music culture than people know, he even mentioned that he wrote some of Chicago's hottest songs over the years. Hittz doesn't live his life by picking sides, Hittz, has a good relationship with 600Breezy, Edai, and explains how he met the two.

In 2012 Chicago rapper Chief Keef, Lil Durk, Lil, Reese became the faces of Chicago, Hittz says he went to Paul Robeson High School, were he said more than 5 rappers went to the school. During his high school days he tell the story of how he meet Smylez and became one of the top rappers in the high school.

Hittz also, talked about Chicago music, Lil Jojo, P Rico, doing songs with Young Thug, Gucci Mane, Kevin Gates and more.

Watch Hittz interview with Shibuya Tyson below

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