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Young Famous Talks About 600Breezy; "Has A Big Announcement Once He Gets Out Of Jail," Thi

Shibuya Tyson got a chance to talk to Young Famous about growing up on the city's south side 59th king drive, a area where him and his brothers named it 600 Brick City. Famous remembers meeting Chief Keef at a young age, because he mentioned his name in a song back in 2011. The two rapper went on to do songs together even saying they love each other on twitter.

Young Famous is a young man with a lot of knowledge, he thinks gang violence can slow down in a year if the older gangsters set the right example, for the young generation to follow.

Young Famous said 600Breezy has a big announcement once he gets out of jail he also, speaks about how it felt to meet up with rap superstar Drake.

Chicago rappers took the world by storm, there are fans all over the world eyes on the city, he says it been over due for a Team600, O block, 300 tour. The rapper thinks it can happen with a lil help from Chief Keef, Lil Durk or any higher person of status to set up a tour. "it can happen"

When I asked Famous about his opinion on Chicago, he spoke as a individual who mind isn't in the streets, he thinks Chicago artist should have closer relationships not necessary with their rivals, but a more friendly environment overall.

Young Famous is ready to take his career to the next level, he says he will be putting out 4 tapes in 2018, he talks about rappers he listen to from Chicago, new music from Rondo and Cdai more.

Watch Young Famous interview with Shibuya Tyson below

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