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Savage Squad Big Boss Fredo Santana Was Laid To Rest Today, R.I.P To The Legend From The Shibuya Tys

To day Chicago legend Fredo Santana was laid to rest, the rapper pasted away from Liver and kidney failure. The 27-year-old musician had suffered from a number of health problems in 2017, he also welcomed his first child a baby boy in the world last year.

Fredo Santana will always be remembered as a legend, the rapper was cousins fellow rapper with Chief Keef, they made one of the biggest impacts in hip hop history in 2012. Fredo Santana started his own label Savage Squad Records,(ssr) after Chief Keef signed to Interscope making him Co CEO of Glory Boy Entertainment. Fredo always rapped about making money Fredo expanded to selling Savage Squad apparel once he established his self as a artist and label owner.

Rest in peace from the Shibuya Tyson family, Pictures below are family and friends who came out to celebrate the life of the legend Fredo Santana.

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