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600Memo "Pull Up"

600Memo is gearing up for his "Steve Drive" mixtape, dropping his second video of the year titled "Pull Up," recorded at AON Studios, directed by DIB Entertainment.

The video starts off with a tribute to Savage Squad rapper Extendo who was shot and killed by Chicago police as he ran down a flight of stairs. The vido has cameos from 600 rappers Booka, JustBlow and a picture of Lil Steve in the background.

600Memo has put out some quality music this year, the rapper put out a few videos in 2015 but was arrested shortly after. 600 Memo has gain a following in just a short time, eyes was already on Memo from repping his brother Lil Steve.

When it comes to living a street life you must understand what comes with the life, 600Memo has chosen his path, warns part-time gangster to not play around with their life.

Watch 600Memo new video "Pull Up" below

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