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Pusha T Announces Chicago Rapper Valee Signed To The Good Music

Chicago's very own Valee was announced as a official memeber of Good Music today by Push T. Valee signing to the label was rumored after the artist said he plan doing music record label Good Music.

Valee was recently featured on Chance The Rapper and Jeremih's Christmas mixtape. The Chicago rapper Valee dropped a collaboration with Z Money with their song "2 16's," Z Money signed a deal with 1017 Brick Squad January of 2018.

Valee says making music for him is not going to the studio putting words together.

“It’s gotta be a beat that’s gonna pull something out of me,” he says. “I like to work smart and make music that people want to hear—just finding ways to not get on people’s nerves when I’m coming through their ears.”

Watch below as Push T announces Valee to the Good Music family

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