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Mikey Maine Talks About Working With Bump J After His Release From Jail, Chicago Violence, Looking F

Mikey Main sat down with Shibuya Tyson, he updated us on what he got going on for 2018. Mikey Maine is a Chicago producer who has worked with Bump J, Vic Mensa, Chance The Rapper, G Herbo, Jeremih, and more. Mikey Main says his achievements is came from hard work. "I Just Like Working."

Mikey Main worked with legendary Chicago rapper Bump J, Bump J was released from jail in 2016 after spending 7 years in prison. Bump J is a legend in Chicago, Mikey Maine explained how it was working with Bump J. He describe the feeling as unbelievable, Bump J is someone he had always dreamed of working with.

I also. asked Mikey Main about the violence in Chicago, if there's anyway he thinks the violence can slow down, "Its been going on for decades," "as a minority community we don't empower each other enough." Mikey Main also speaks on recording music, using digital or analog, starting a new company "Artist Hangout."

Mikey Maine is currently working at Pressure Point recording studios, looking for hot new talent, Producers, rappers, writers. He's looking to expand his roaster this 2018, you can follow him on Instagram for up to date information.

Watch Maikey Maine interview with Shibuya Tyson below

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