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Sasha Go Hard "No Problems" Album Out Now!!!

Chicago rapper Sasha Go Hard drops her new album "No Problems," with 13 new songs. The album features Lucci Vee and I.L Will. The album has Production from Tony Roche and Cash Bag Beats.

Sasah show's her growth with her new album, her style is still the same, the growth comes from her life experiences. Sasha Go Hard started her career in 2012, when he young rapper wasn't even 18 years old Chicago artist was the spotlight of the Chicago rap movement. The young rapper was just turned 21 years old. She now has a daughter, and lived an adult life.

Sasha always expressed her feelings for romantic love in her songs,"What Do You Want, and "Gone Now" shows her maturity in how she relates her messages in songs.

The album sounds great, she rap, sings, she was very versatile with her rhymes, all the songs has there own sound. The album will gain her attention an it's something that her fans will love.

Purchase "No Problems" on iTunes now

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