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ChaseNDough Speaks On How He Came Up With Trapscholarz, Producing Songs With L.A Capone, Working Wit

Shibuya Tyson talked to Chicago producer ChaseNDough, he had a lot to talk about, he started of with the story of how he got his name. His name came from a line he put in a verse for a feature with his friend,"tell her I'm chasing dough," from that line he became ChaseNDough.

ChaseNDough breaks down how good of a artist L.A Capone was, Chase produced L.A Capone's song "Play For Keeps." I aske him did they have any unreleased songs he said yes, but doesn't know what happen to them.

ChaseNDough has worked with Team600 over the years and produced for Edai, Rondonumbernine, Famous, 600Breezy, and more. He also, said him and Young famous has a project dropping together sometime in 2018.

Producers credit has always been a problem in the industry, I asked Chase how do he feel about producers and he says it comes down to better communications between the two, and more loyalty from artist.

Time fly so fast, ChaseNDough has been producing for Chicago artist for years, he talks about how the music scene changed over the years. He say's Chicago sound was influenced by New York, over time Chicago created it's own style.

Being apart of two waves of sounds from Chicago, helping shape the drill sound, says the wave of rappers have high energy vs drill music.

Chase say's right now he's focus on working with a commercial rapper, being apart of Spike Lee's "Chiraq" movie soundtrack showed him how artist should be working in Chicago.

Watch Shibuya Tyson interview with ChasenDough below

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