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Chicago's Z Money Signs With Gucci Mane’s 1017 Eskimos Label

Chicago's ZMoney is now a member Gucci Mane’s 101 7 Eskimos record label. He took to social media to announce the news, "It was a bumpy road but we here now." Z Money, along with producer ChaseTheMoney released their project ZTM project last year that caught fire. Z Money latest single "Two 16's"features Chicago artist Valee who hinted at being signed with Good Muisc.

Z Money said he was sleep and got a call from Gucci Mane early in the a.m while he was expecting a call from the cable man.

"Well, Gucci called me like two weeks ago at about 8am. I ain’t know who it was, he like “Nigga, this Gucci! 808mafia DY gave me your number.” I was expecting a call from my cable people, they was coming to my crib like around that time, so when I seen the area code I thought it was them."

"We talkin he like “You hard as fuck, I wanna sign you. Is u with anybody?” I’m like “naw I’m independent,” and he said “Well, I want you.” After that, he asked for some more music to listen to then I flooded him with tracks released and unreleased. I sent so many til he told me “stop that’s enough!” He listened to them all, then hit me back like “You hard as fuck, I need a 12.” He sent me a song and I did it the same night & sent back to him. Our lawyers started talking then today we made it official."

Z-Money "Two 16's" Feat. Valee

Zmoney "RNS"

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