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Fredo Santana Featuring Young Scooter "I Need More"

Chicago rapper Fredo Santana past away due to liver failure Jan 19, 2018. The rapper was the cousin of Chief Keef, he emerged as superstar back in 2012, after the release of his hit single "I Don't Like."

A old vintage video of Fredo's was released after his death that appeared on worldstarhiphop. The song comes from Fredo's "Fredo Kruger" mixtape titled "I Need More" featuring Young Scooter.

The video has cameo's from the late GBE Capo, and Gucci Maine. The two can be seen bouncing to the music, while Fredo and Young Scooter did there trap talk.

Fredo Santana Feat. Young Scooter "I Need More"

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