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Valentino x JB HoodMaster "Manz World" Part 1 Video Series

Good Energy, along with KingPen Enterprises Presents a 3 part video project with Valentino x JB HoodMaster titled "Manz World." The project will also, will consist of a album, book and movie.

Chapter one shows us how harsh reality can be, when times are hard people become desperate, how far will you go to survive in this mans world, Both

"this ain't for boys and girls,"

Valentino's character finds his self waking up to some bad news, a letter left by his girlfriend stating that she can no longer stay in the relationship, due to their finical problems.

JB HoodMaster comes home to find a eviction notice at his door, with money problems a big issue, she threatens to abandon the relationship. She later finds out she's pregnant with a child on the way.

With both men facing problems getting money, their backs against the wall, they both cross paths with their choice of actions to be the provider and man thats depended on.

Watch Chapter 1 of Valentino x JB HoodMaster "Manz World" below

Press play to watch Part 1 of "Story Tellers"

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