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LeekeLeek Tell Fans What Happened To Chief Keef's Old Music, Chief Keef's "Ballin"

Shibuya Tyson is brining you all the fun facts, news and history of the Chicago music scene, today we're releasing LeekeLeek's new interview on how music changed his life and the year of the producer.

LeekeLeek biggest moment in his life was when he produced the song "Ballin for Chief Keef, the song made it on Keef's first album"Finally Rich." Leek describes how making that song at Chief Keef grandmother house saved his life.

Once you have money in your possession, able to do the things you want, you get to enjoy life. LeekeLeek explains how he came up with the rap lyrics "life never get boring," from his song featuring SD and Edai.

Being a producer is not a easy way of making a living, LeekeLeek gives producers some advice from his years of experience, he feels this will be the year of the producer. With so much controversy around the industry from producers speaking out change must come.

LeekeLeek had a lot of advice, most important rule is don’t believe in the dream. Find out what dream LeekeLeek talking about by watching the video below

Press to watch LeekeLeek interview with Shibuya Tyson

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