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Marcy Mane x Wifi Gawd "MoeTown" Hosted by ScrewBoss Out Now!!!

Marcy Mane and Wifi Gawd release their new project "MoeTown," hosted by ScrewBoss with 8 new songs. Both artist are from Washington, D.C. The project has production from Bmb Loko Los, Hella Sketchy Cryjng, Euro95 and more. Phlegm is the only feature on the mixtape on"Hold It Down Moe" with Marcy Mane.

Marcy Mane has one solo song titled "Lemme Know" produced by PoshPrada. Marcy Mane song"Hold It Down Moe," produced by SpaceGhostPurrp, the beat samples Tony Monta (Al Pacino) voice from the movie Scarface. The sample says "All I got In This World Is My Balls," the blend with the beat sounds amazing. Both rappers give examples of situations on why having yourself taken cared of is more important than having fun, living day to day. Both rappers boast on their lifestyle and give advice on how hard work can change your life.

In song "In It Gurl" produced by Cryjng and Euro95, Marcy Mane and Wifi Gawd express there love for the opposite sex. Everybody has their selection of what they like and prefer, men just want a good connection that come with the fun, good and bad times. The song switches up during the song for all those screwed up music lovers.

"Bad bitch i don't know what her race is, it don't even matter, I'm not racist"

I enjoyed listening to the "MoeTown" mixtape, it really showed how much originality that the two artist have, "MoeTown" has a variety of songs for those looking for new sounds. The project doesn't have any uptempo beats, collectively the project is smooth, good to listen to when your in the mood to hear something different than your normal radio turn up songs.

Listen to Marcy Mane and Wifi Gawd "MoeTown Hosted by Screwed Boss

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