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Hittz Talks About The Chicago Music Scene, "We Can Be Unstoppable," Smylez Is A Chicago Le

Hittz speaks his mind on the Chicago music scene, he thinks Chicago has potential to be big as Atlanta, New York and California if artist network more with each other.

Hitts opened up about his long time friend Smylez, who passed away due natural causes in 2016. Smylez was a Chicago producer, who also went to Roberson high school with Hittz, Young Chop, Lil Durk, P Rico, and more Chicago rappers.

Smylez got a chance to work with artist all over the city, including Edai, King L, Chief Keef, and more. Smylez and Hittz started the label Leauge Boi during the time they attended high school. Hittz says Smylez "He made a lot of people great that he does'nt get credit for."

When it comes to history, Hittz was around making music before 2012, and shares story on starting the group Brick Squad, his opinion on his top Chicago artist he feels made a big impact for the industry and more.

Watch Shibuya Tyson interview with Hittz below

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