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Shinuya Tyson Interview With Kane Grocerys: Talks About Growing Up In Chicago, Meeting Marcy Mane, T

Goth Money's artisit hooked up with Shibuya Tyson for a interview , on how him and a couple friends on soundcloud started a new wave.

Kane Grocerys say's a lot of youth don't realize how big the world is, thy limit there potential by not exploring outside there neighborhoods..

Kane fame came after him, Marcy Mane, Black Kray meet on soundcloud, clicked up and dropped a classic project. He tells the story of how they meet and sacrificing everything to change his life.

The Goth Money artist went on tour, visiting Paris, London, France, surprised to see fans rap his songs word to word.

Kane Grocerys also opended up on his thoughts on the Chicago music scene, growing up in Chicago, politics, and more.

Watch Kane Grocerys interview with Shibuya Tyson below

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