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Mikey Main Speaks On Chicago Violence, "We Don't Do Enough For Our Own Community," Giv

ShibuyaTyson stopped by Chicago's producer Mikey Main studio, he gave us his opinion on making records, how a producer and engineer is important.

Mikey Main been producing for artist since high school, he gets into detail why a team is the key to success in the music business.

Mikey Main feels people behind the scenes should have more recognition for their work. Mikey Main give tips to producers and engineers tips from his years of experience.

I asked Mikey Main about the violence in Chicago, if there's anyway he thinks the violence can slow down, "Its been going on for decades" "as a minority community we don't empower each other enough."

Mikey Main also speaks on recording music, using digital or analog, starting a new company "Artist Hangout," and more.

ShibuyaTyson interview with Chicago producer Mikey Main

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