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Jusglo Talks About For A Firearm "They Had Me Cornered," "Blood Money Was Creative,&q

ShibuyaTysosn new interview features Glo Gang Jusglo, he explains how the police corned him, be charged with a firearm on house arrest. JusGlo says he's now back in the studio making music, Glo Gang fans can expect new music from him soon.

JusGlo says growing up he was inspired to rap listening to Trap artist Gucci Mane, Jeezy, Yo Gotti,and looking up to his Glo Gang family. Jusglo new EP title is "Justglo The Blood Gang Cappa's," the project doesn't have a due date at the moment.

During the interview I asked about his cousin Blood Money, he really didn't get into the conversation about Blood Money, saying losing his cousin was crazy.

Jusglo feels Chicago's music movement is doing good, admits that he is proud of the city. Jusglo Feels positive about Chicago's music market, because of blood shed Jusglo says the city violence will continue.

Just Glo also gives his opinion on Donald Trump request for the feds in Chicago, new song "Bet" on Sosa's YouTube channel and more

Watch ShibuyaTyson interview with Glo Gang Jusglo

Jusglo "BET"

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