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Yung Tory "Drink Alone"

Yung Tory releases his last video before the end of the year titled "Drink Alone" off his Free Dope 2 project. Tory's "Drink Alone" was produced by Kevin Rolly, Shumxi, and Huntergangz.

OTF Tory hooked up with Charlton Visuals to direct his video "Drink Alone" where Tory gets drunks alone after a break up. Tory gets into dept on how having trust for someone can back fire during a relationship.

Tory is confused to how love works after spending so much time with his love, he feels confuse about the breakup and heart broken that she has moved on.. Trust is important in any relationship how do you love after being lied to?

Watch Yung Tory look for answers in his new video "Drink Alone" below

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