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Bladee "Working On Dying" Out Now!!!

Sweden rapper Bladee drops his brand new project "Working On Dyeing" with 9 new songs. The album has production from Forza, BrandonFinessin, F1lithy, OogieMane Goose - Tech and more.

"Backstreet Boys" produced by F1lithy and Forza is a good collaboration on the album, I enjoyed lyrics "stab me im gone stab you back" use on this song to paint the picture of a man who isn't a push over. The song is aim at the haters and sounds creative with the beat.

On the songs "Knightbridge" and "Best Buy" Bladee switched his choice of voice tone using mostly auto-tune throughout the album for his melodies.

On "Knightsbridge" Bladee says strangers think they know him but have no idea of his true personality, D-925 is a anthem song that can inspire others, overall the album is full of songs with great energy vibes.

Listen to Bladee's "Working On Dying: below

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