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MeloMutt "247365" Mixtape Out Now

Chicago rapper Melomutt drops his brand new mixtape "247365" with production from Nathan Hernandez, B Back, Saint Taliban and more. The mixtape has 9 songs with special guest appearance from Fuego, Riot and Tk TheGREAT. Majority of Melomutt "247365" was recorded at AON Studios

The tape starts of with song "Favors" where Melomutt sets off the tempo of the project, "Favors" is a uptempo song the auto tune track is full of energy with lines like "She want it now she want it later,"

Track 7 is my favorite song on the"247365," the beat and his voice sounds good together. Melomutt really expressed his love for what's important to him on the song, when you got things going in your favor you can handle things your ow way.

Check out Melomutt new project ​ "247365" below

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