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RaRa Laflare Talks about Meeting Glo Gang, "First Person I Meet Was Blood And Cap" His rel

Rara Laflare is well known for his rant about Chief Keef, his video was posted to social media and made worldstarhiphop. Rara's rant was so popular it landed a spot as Chief Keef's intro onn his debut album "Finally Rich."

RaRa Laflare shares a few stories about his friend Glo Gang Capo including his first time visiting Glo Gang at their Chicago loft. RaRa also reminisces about hearing Chief Keef's "Kay Kay" for the first time before the was album released.

RaRa says he got a chance to be on stage with his favorite rapper during Chicago's Lollapalooza event in 2012, but didn't get to know Chief Keef due to timing. He still says he loves Sosa's music and would like to hang out with him again.

RaRa also express his opinion on rappers who are not living the lifestyle that they rap about. RaRa didn't hold any thing back in the interview he even had something to say about Lil Uzi haters and shouts out Lil Pump during the interview.

Press Play to watch RaRa Laflare interview with Shibuya Tyson

RaRa LaFlare Talks About how He Got On Chief Keef's "Love Sosa" Intro

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