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ALBUM Jana Rush - Pariah

Jana Rush is an artist whose legacy began 20 years ago with her first footwork release, Wicked. Her path began at the age of ten working under the guidance of Chicago legend Jam Master K. While Jana had set her roots and made connections in the Chicago footwork scene, she was soon met with the realities and financial difficulties that come with being a part of a burgeoning underground music scene. Over the past decade Jana worked as CAT scan technician, firefighter and a chemical engineer at an oil refinery. Her hiatus came to an end this past year with her EP, MPC 7635. Through this record and her most recent release, Pariah, it is clear that Jana has lost none of her musical prowess. With her decade hiatus breaking 2017 release, Pariah, Jana has received wide acclaim and garnered a wider and younger generation of fans. Pariah, meaning outcast, perfectly describes Jana’s relationship with music. Whether its being female in a male dominated genre and industry or her stylistic divergence within that genre, Jana has consistently displayed a willingness to adapt and grow. Pariah puts Jana’s brand of footwork on full display. Her darker textures, industrial pallet and ambient tendencies make Jana’s sound a distinct and refreshing variation of the usually soulful genre. Whatever Jana gets up to in the next ten years we can only hope that she finds time for another release of this caliber and quality.


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