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Papa Doobio Talks Growing Up In Chicago, The Chicago Music Scene "I'm Part Of The Problem,&

Papa Doobio stopped by AON Studio's to discuss how he started his career, got the name Papa Doobio, explained growing up in Chicago, filming skate boarding before music videos, lifestyle of a Chicago cameraman.

Papa Doobio also gives us the harsh truth about Chicago music scene, "Im part of the problem," says the Chicago video director. There is not anyone to blame on why Chicago artist result to gun violence to handle disagreements and long lasting street wars.

With so much going on in the world today Papa Doobio expresses his opinion on current politics, gives advice to those who are chasing their dreams. Nothing comes easy and he says you must put in work to get where you wanna be.

Watch Papa Doobio full interview with ShibuyaTyson below

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