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Bladee "Dumpster Baby"

Bladee is back with a new video for his song "Dumpster Baby" produced by Whitearmor and directed by Dainel Swan. The video starts off with a beautiful clip of some cliffs that blends with Bladee on screen performance. Bladee expresses his emotions on this track, and is one of fans favorites.

"When I wake up I think about you When I go to sleep, when I brush my teeth," "I can't even breathe, can't even move I can't even see," "I can't even speak, I can't even speak ," "I can't even breathe, I can't even see, I can't even speak"

Bladee 's Dumpster Baby" is of the joint album "D&G" with Thaiboy Digital, and Ecco2k. The album was released in August of 2017, has 17 songs and is available now on iTunes

Watch Bladeee's "Dumpster Baby" video below

Lighting by Hendrik Schneider

Styling by Andrew Grune / Cottweiler

Listen to Drain Gang"D&G" below

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