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Marcy Mane "Leon" Mixtape Out Now!!!!

Goth Money Records Marcy Mane is back with a new project titled "Leon" that offers 27 new songs. The mixtape include songs "Uptown Drip Down" Featuring Kane Grocery, Luckaleannn, "Leon," "Straight Outa Flexico."

Marcy shows off his skills on his new project, offering a over doze of songs for his hardcore fans right on time before the holidays.

Click this link here >>> Marcy Mane "Leon" <<<<


1. Straight Outa Flexico

2. Indica When I Smoke

3. Moon Coins

4. Don't Drown

5.Cellphones Dancin

6. Powered up ft Lofty305

7. Whip n Dip

8. C Lone ft. Taco El

9. Word Around Town ft Buku Bandz, Money Man Pipes & Bandman Fari

10. The Games We Play

11. News (North East West South)

12. iDont

13. Press the Issue

14. YokoUno ft Milf Mitch

15. Like This Like That

16. No Parking 10-1

17. Guapalot

18. Don't Push Me to the Edge

19. Leon

20. Hour Parking

21.Need to Count It Up

22.Came out the Water ft Dk the Cool Kid, Tony Sauce & Marcy Mane

23. Reach

24. When I See Sunshine

25. Journey Against Time ft Oto

26. Uptown Drip Down Ft Luckaleannn, Kane Grocerys & Marcy Mane

27. Plug Name Linda ft Poshgod

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