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D-Low Featuring Lil Ceno, Stunt Taylor "Too Young"

Just a few days ago D-Low released a new single called "Too Young," featuring some Chicago stars and they all are from the westside. D-Low hooked up with Lil Ceno of Sicko Mob, and Stunt Taylor for the video for their song "Too Young" directed by Mike Brooks.

The song was produced by Getem Louie and Bilbo Beatz, in "Too Young" D Low brings back the feeling off the climax of the bopping scene with fresh dance moves to the beat.

This song sounds like its going to have a lot of play during festa's all over the world. You can never be to old to have fun but never too young to care about your bankroll.

Press play and watch D-Low's "Too Young" featuring Lil Ceno and Stunt Taylor

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