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Supa Bwe "Finally Dead"

Supa Bwe releases the track list to his new project "Finally Dead," along with a new video to his song "I Hate Being Alive" directed by Cole Bennett. The video was amazing, Supa help made the effects of the video more exciting with his personality and dance moves.

Finally Dead will have 16 brand new songs production from, Supa Bwe,TayMasterChef, Yoga Flame, ChaseTheMoney, TayMasterChef and Lord Fubu. Including songs "I Hate Being Alive,""Down Comes the Spaceman" Ft. Saba,"Black Goku."

Supa's "Finally Dead" will be out on Dec 6th, you can pre-order it now by clicking here >>>Finally Dead<<<

@rtwork by BryanAllenLamb


1. "Thot Goddess (Sailor Moon)" (Prod. by TayMasterChef) 2. "Black Goku" (I Really Like You)" (Prod. by Yoga Flame) 3. "Up Right Now" Ft. Xavier Omar (Prod. by Derelle Rideout) 4. "The Moon (Run It Up)" (Prod. by ChaseTheMoney) 5. "Big Dummy" (Prod. by Supa Bwe & Shepard Hues) 6. "Wok Wok" Ft. Juju (Prod. by Jay-R Beats) 7. "Down Comes the Spaceman" Ft. Saba (Prod. by MoneyMontage) 8. "Numbers & Colors" (Prod. by Supa Bwe) 9. "Supa's Sweater Song" (Prod. by TayMasterChef) 10. "Stolen Hearts (Thanos)" (Prod. by TayMasterChef & Lord Fubu) 11. "Clout Daddy" (Prod. by Supa Bwe) 12. "I Hate Being Alive" (Prod. by John Scott) 13. "Supa Bwe​" (Prod. by Luke Almighty) (BONUS TRACK) 14. "4 Stacks" (Prod. by Luke Almighty) (BONUS TRACK) 15. "Hating On Me" Ft. UG VAVY (Prod. by UG VAVY) (BONUS TRACK) 16. "Still Can't Find Happiness" (Thanos) (Prod. by Luke Almighty) (BONUS TRACK)

Press play to watch Supa bwe "I Hate Being Alive" below

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