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Preorder Hittz "The End Is Near" Now!!!!

Chicago rapper Hittz from Leaugi Boi is gearing up for the release of his new album "The End Is Near" with 17 new song. The album will include songs "Finally Made It" featuring Cartier Jones, "G19," and "Invincible," and a song called Idku featuring the legend Smylez and BigDawg Piff.

Hittz also has guest appearance from P Rico, Eli Hendrix, Cartier Jones, and more. The album will be available Oct 27, 2017, you can pre-order now.

Pre-order "The End Is Near" by >>clicking this link<<

Tracklist List

1. Finally Made It (feat. Cartier Jones)

2. G19

3. Invincible (feat. S. Dot)

4. Night Shift (feat. Eli Hendrix)

5. The Price

6. Prayers

7. Moon Walkin'

8. They Don't

9. Vendetta

10. A Touch from You (Interlude)

11. Angels (feat. Jude Jungle)

12. Undefeated

13. Sliders (feat. Lil Scan)

14. Idku (feat. Smylez & BigDawg Piff)

15. Like a Cigarette (feat. TC)

16. 2k (feat. P. Rico)

17. In the Air (feat. Josh K)

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