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Shibuyatyson Exclusice With Smoke Da D.O "Hunger Games" The Mixtape Review

I had a chance to attend Smoke Da D.O's recording session at AON Studios where he recorded a few songs and played exclusive songs from his "Hunger Games" project. Smoke personality lit the room, he came to work couple minutes inside the studio he was telling Dj Kenn "Throw a beat on I know you got that shit." It didn't take long before a beat came on and caught Smoke ear, he began to bop his head and repeating the word "NiG%AAS," reference to a song he just wrote.

Smoke's "Hunger Games" project doesn't have a due date as of now, it's full of fire tracks including singles "Hang" and "Know Whats Up."The song that stood out the most was a song he dictated to his neighborhood and lost friends. This track is one of the strongest songs I've heard from Smoke. The song was filled with real emotions, life situations, and change a letter to those who care about the D.O.

Smoke Da D.O has come home from jail dropping music to his fans at a higher speed more than ever before, dropping new single "Hang," shot by FormanJames couple days ago. Dj Kenn and Smoke preview "Flex" a song that will appear on his upcoming mixtape "Hunger Games," with other AON production from Joint Russel.

Check out Smoke Da D.O previews to his upcoming project "Hunger Games" below

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