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Chicago's Bump J is Now A Free Man

Chicago’s own Bump J is now a free man after serving seven years in FCI Elkton in Lisbon, Ohio. Bump J made a name for his self in the music business before being arrest making him a Chicago legend. Bump was sentenced for a bank robbery that happened in 2007 outside of Chicago.

Last year XXl spoke with Bump J about how he will feel once he become a free man, today he is a free man and able to spend much needed time with his kids, family and friends.

“I think it won’t be much different than when I was out,” he explained last summer. “I’ve gotten better musically because I’m just a better man, mentally. So, I think hip-hop will love me just the same, if not more. People respect struggle and stand up niggas. I took my lick and never told, so I will always be respected as a man and that’s what’s important. Music has always been the easy part to me.”

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