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Chief Keef Released From Jail After DUI

Cheif Keef was let out of jail after being charged with a DUI. The Chicago rapper was at a red light when someone got out his car and talked to a person in the car behind them which made police make a stop. The passanger got out to talk to a friend who was driving with them when police say they thought the two people was getting into a fight and seem something green.

The report says that police watched a passenger named Cortez McElrath jump out of the passenger side of Keef's green two-door McLaren. While at a red light, McElrath was spotted handing over "a bag with a green leafy substance" to front-seat passenger Eddie Bryant, who was sitting inside of an Altima right behind Keef's car.

Once he saw that officers were heading towards him, McElrath apparently tried running back into Keef's vehicle. Cops stopped him, held him at Taser-point, and handcuffed him. During that same time, Keef was also held at Taser-point because he "was moving his hands around in the vehicle," per another cop.

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