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Bobby Shmurda Working On Movies and Music In Jail

Bobby Shmurda is making the best of his time while locked behind bars according to his mother Leslie Pollard during a XXL interview. She revealed that he is working on two screenplays, one about his life as a whole, and one about his experiences since he started rapping and music.

"He writes a lot of music," said his mother.He’s also writing a script for a movie. He said he has two movie in his head that he’s working on now."

"A lot about of what’s going on now and his early childhood and his friends," she continued. "A lot of people don’t know but, the GS9 is his music label, and the guys that are locked up with him, 90 percent of them are childhood friends since he was 3, 4 years old. He just wants to build a storyline, letting people know where they started, where they came from and how these people are and what they’re doing and what the media is trying to portray them as. He also gave us insight about who, which people he’s going to let play which characters and things of that nature."

This is what she had to say about her own reality after Bobby was found guilty and sentece for 8yrs

"[I feel] empty. At this point, there’s nothing that I can do. I gave it to God and I know he’s going to come through it, it’s just a matter of waiting it out. Nothing happens before it’s supposed to, so my job as a parent is to make sure he has what he needs and has what he wants to make him comfortable and just to be there for him. Make sure that I can see his face and make sure he’s okay. That’s my job and that’s what I’m going to do from here on out."

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