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Chicago Man Charged In Quadruple Murder That left 4 Dead

Lil Herb NLMB brother No limit wet wet was charged with the quadruple murder that took place on Chicago's east side in the South Shore area. His father was killed the day before in an on going gang war between factions of the Gangster Disciples and Black P Stones gangs, Deenihan said. Prosecutors said Wednesday that Harris is a documented member of the No Limit faction of the Black P Stones he added, had been arrested 47 times, including twice in murder cases.

About 3:30 p.m., four men were fatally shot at the restaurant, two inside and two outside. They were identified as: Emmanuel C. Stokes, 28; Edwin Davis, 32; and brothers Dillon Jackson, 20, and Raheem Jackson, 19.

The Jackson brothers had gone to Nadia to visit their mother, who has worked at the restaurant for eight years, according to their grandmother, Georgia Jackson, who also said her 16-year-old grandson was fatally shot at an Englewood Church’s Chicken in 2011.

Assistant State’s Attorney Jaime Santini said Wednesday that witnesses saw Harris follow Stokes and Davis into the restaurant with a semi-automatic handgun. After gunning down the two men inside the restaurant, Harris ran out of the restaurant. Witnesses then heard more gunshots from outside.

Defense lawyer Ian Barney said that there was no video and that he expected to present witnesses that could prove Harris was with them at the time of the murders.

“There is perhaps more to this story than has been told,” said Barney, who added that Jacobs’ funeral was scheduled for later this week.

Judge Adam Bourgeois ordered Harris held without bond, noting that the 19-year-old Harris had notched 29 juvenile arrests.

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