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ELFBeatzARP Drops His New Beat Page Promoting New Sounds And The "Eastkoastbeatgods"

ELFBeatzARP a.ka. F.L.F has been creating a big buzz with all his production in 2016. The young 21 year old has gained notice after his first placement from Famous Dex's a.k.a Dexter song "Robbie Gould". The song was released on Dexter's Laboratory mixtape.

Since Robbie Gould E.L.F has been grinding hard as he continued to bring us dope productions. E.L.F is becoming a house hold name as he build his legacy, milestones become so much easier when your doing the right things.

ElfBeatz has made it more easier for fans and artist to buy beats who is interested in his sound. The creation of his beat page gives listeners a chance to scroll throw beats, listen to the track and decide if the beat is everything they where looking for. The Eastkoastbeatgods put in a lot of work by the look of the track list.

I took time out to hear some new beats, see how much work ELf has put in and to my surprise the track list have over 70 plus beats. On some prodution he hooked up with fellow beat maker Snush. The beats all had different sounds and concept including my favorites "Rich The Kid Type 4," "Snush x ELF Dexter type 2" "Famous Dex Type 15."

Check out all these hot beats and more at

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