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600Breezy "Free Smoke" Remix

600Breezy has had a good relationship with superstar rapper Drake, the two hooked up after Drake heard his song "Do Sum." Breezy has travled to cities to party with Drake even hitting the same stage.

Fans question the relationship over the last few years saying that Drake was using the Chicago rapper as protection or gangster image. The two has never did any music together which made it seem more of a gemtic from The Cash Money rapper,

Breezy went on the record to say that even if Drake did want to make music that at the moment he wasnt big enough and he wanted to get his skills better before jumping on a track with Drake.

Drake just released his new project titled "More Life," which featured the voice of none other than 600Breezy on the song . Everybody know that both these guys reperent ethe Six and it wouldnt be no other way.

Here's what the Six member said on the offical track with Drake

“Six to six shit. 600 to 7-6, OVO, you know how we rocking. Shout out to my big brother Drizzy and More Life. Six to the world, gang shit,” Breezy says right before the song ends.

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