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Rick Ross Says Birdman And Lil Wayne Situation Is Bad In The Public Eye

Rick Ross is not biting his tounge about his feelings on the Lil Wayne vs Cash Money situation. This isnt thte first time thta the Boss has spoke out and here is what he had to say about the law suit.

“You know, I just think it’s so fucked up,” Ross noted. “Us seeing Lil Wayne’s and suffering from that, I think we kind of all got used to it. I think the culture has fucking accepted that Wayne would not put out another album. And that’s not the way the game should be. That’s not the way we designed this. That’s not the way this is supposed to be

“When we come up from the mud together, it’s not supposed to be this way,” he said. “Birdman is supposed to be in that fucking building making those fucking people give him money to take care of his man. They supposed to be in the fucking [building], flipping over desks in those fucking offices, fighting to get money. Not fucking suing each other, fighting lawsuits and everybody starving. Not putting out music, not being creative. Us not doing what we came here for. There’s nothing more I hate than that — us not doing what we came here for.”

Birdman went on to give his opinion on how other people feel about how he handle business “get caught up in hoe shit.”

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