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SunTimes writer Mary Mitchell throws shades over Chance The Rapper days after he donated million dol is back with crazy breaking news Mary Mitchell from SunTimes has launched her personal attack against Chance The Rapper.

Mary Mitchell made a very bold move by publishing a news article about Chance The Rapper saying he is in a messy child support battle with his baby mother.

Chance The Rapper has done many great things over the years but still very few dislike him.

Crazy part about her article it is not true because they are many reports that chance has great relationship with his baby mother and for Mary Mitchell to publish a article like this one is disrespectful to Chance The Rapper music career .

Mary Mitchell lunched her attack few days after Chance The Rapper donated one million dollars to Chicago Public Schools..

Chance donated one million because he felt like the Governor were choosing political self interest over Chicago’s children.

click on the link below to watch Chance The Rapper video No Problem featuring Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz

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