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Booka600 drops new exclusive first mixtape called Sixlife is back with a new exclusive mixtape from Booka600 called Sixlife .

Booka600 has been building and working making his name thru social media and finally he delivers his first mixtape which is very dope for his first project ever..

Booka600 has constantly dropped music over the past year and a half but sense 2017 Booka600 has been heating up so expect greatness this year from Booka.

Team 600 introduced the world to a lot of rappers from their group over the past years making a heavy impact in Chicago and many other city and states.

Booka600 new song stop me shot by jvisuals is perfect example how its hard to stop Team 600 from progressing the music scene in Chicago..

Stay in tune for more updates with for exclusive news.

click the link below to listen to Booka600 new mixpate Sixlife

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