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Chance The Rapper Will Write the Foreword for Upcoming Book "A People’s History of Chicago&quot

Chicago rapper Chance The Rapper started off 2017 great, taking home winning 3 Grammy's leading him to turn down millions of dollars. Chance took his image as a role-model and has become a spokes person for Chicago issues as CPS threatens to end the school year early because of budget problems. He meet with the mayor to speak about solutions and how he can be more help to the city and the area where he grew up at.Chance will be writing the Fo for Coval new book, he was named Chicago;s Best Poet by the Chicago Reader.

Kevin Coval has been named Chicago’s Best Poet by the Chicago Reader, and his forthcoming A People’s History of Chicago will consist of 77 poems to represent the city’s 77 neighborhoods. The Chicago Tribune has named Coval “the voice of the new Chicago,” and the Boston Globe calls him “the city’s unofficial poet laureate.”

This what Chance had to say about Kevin Coval and how he help him in life and being a better rapper

“Kevin Coval is my artistic father,” Chance writes. “He mentored my friends Malcolm London and Dimress Dunnigan and Fatimah Warner and got me shows, and those shows got me a little bit of bread and the confidence to continue and take the craft seriously. In a lot of ways he was the other side of Brother Mike for me, and anybody from Chicago knows what that means and how big a statement that is. He was that for me and for a lot of people.”

“Kevin made art a job to me,” Chance continues. “He made me feel like it was real. He made me feel like the competition was real. He made me feel that the money was real. He made me feel that the love and the fans were real. And if I didn’t have him in my life I would’ve been complacent. He took me out of that space and made me understand what it is to be a poet, what it is to be an artist, and what it is to serve the people.

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