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Bibby and Gherb talk from the perspective of an average day in Chicago

Coming out of Black History month, one thing I have learned is to stay focused. Key of the day: Stay focused. There are a lot of distractions in your life. I hope everyone is focused on what's important; your family, your well being, and this money.

Bibby and Herb talk from the perspective of an average day in the neighrorhood of Chicago.

I recall days out West, Keisha yellin my name, tweakin, when I'm hoppin out in front of the house. The summers out West are wild, eveyone is outside, energized from the sun's heat. Some are productive with that energy; you know stacking up, eating well, working out, holding wife down getting the family right and all.

Others, thot hoes like Keisha, feel the need to show they ass everywhere so niggas will be on their heels in the winter. Ugly shit ya know. Everybody also knows, KEISHA a super eater. Stay in tune for more updates with

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