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Ya Ya White met Chief Keef "on some street shit" and mentions new mixtapes with Lud Foe, c got a chance to catch up with young talented artist Ya Ya White.

Ya Ya White tells he met Chief Keef five years ago, before that Fredo Santana introduced him to Capo and everybody from Glo Gang.During the interview Ya Ya mentions new mixtapes coming soon collaborating with Lud Foe . He also mentions new music with Gucci mane.

Ya Ya white told that his big brother influenced him heavy to become a rapper then gave us exclusive insights on how he met Chief Keef on some street shit, he's been knowing Keef for 5 years, Fredo Santana introduced him to Sosa,Capo,Flash and many more from Glo Gang.Ya Ya mentioned he has a new mixtapes dropping with Dj Shon and Lud Foe he tells fans he has 3 or 4 mixtapes with Lud Foe coming soon so stay in tune for more updates.

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