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Mulatto Talks About Moving To East Coast brings u another exclusive interview with Mulatto beats during the interview Mulatto talks about moving to East Coast.Mulatto also told us he produced a song for Chicago rapper King Louie and few locals in the city of Chicago..Also during the interview he gave good advice to young up and coming producers.

Mulatto told he is looking forward to moving back to New York and after that he going to Cali and Atl to finish up his projects.Mulatto made New York his first stop because he has plans on working with few artist from cinematic record label likeJoey Badass and more up and coming stars..

During interview Mulatto gave some advice to to young producers out here working .

Mulatto made it clear to young producers it is important not to steal any other producer

beat making style so u can stand out from others and not sound identical to other

producers basically Mulatto is saying is be more creative with your craft as a producer.

Mulatto also reveals his plans on bringing Chicago up tempo style type beats to East Coast which should be amazing so stay in tune for more updates.

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