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Young Dolph "Play Wit Yo Bitch" (Yo Gotti Diss)

Young Dolph dropped a diss track about Yo Gotti and claims he smashed his girl and Gotti was mad. The beef seems to been going on for some years now Dolph said, 2017 he let it all out.

Dolph verse speaks on the long term beef where he says Gotti dissed him in his past two projects.

“Heard yo intro ya last two mixtapes/I hear you slick dissing, but that shit lame/All that make believe rapping bout that cocaine/Don’t play with my Ho Gotti, you a ho mane/You went from my biggest fan to my biggest hater/Begging me to sign with you, but I had too much paper/Still that same nigga that useta front yo big brother/Found out he a bitch too, now I call him yo big sister,” Dolph raps.

There is no word from Gotti since the audio track but the song is hard so as the cover art

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