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Tay600 Still Says He Is Not A Snitch After The Official Paperwork From CDai's and Rondo's Mu

Tay600 is a much happier man today the official documents from the murder case his name was brought into. Tay600 was taken to his friends murder trail and that created a rumor that the rapper had been snitching.

Rappers Cdai and Rondo was charge with the murder of a cab driver after the two had gotten into a argument with some guys on the same block right before his death. The two walked up on Mr. Boyd and ask him was he from the area not knowing that the pair had just got into a heated argument. The two rappers opened fire and killed Boyd, Cdai cellphone was found on the scene.

Everyone wants to know the truth and a reporter was reached who worked for Chicago Tribune and here is how he responded

"I was at the trial every day. Yes, I would have named "Tay600", aka Germontay Carpenter, in the article had a statement of his been in the trial documents. From looking back in my notes he did not appear at the trial, so..."

The information is online and open to the public go to and you can view the documents, you must pay a 10 cent fee per page to view the documents in full.

So far Tay600 is still labeled a snitch into someone pay for all the paper work and post the finding online.

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