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C-Murder’s Album Earnings Might Be Seized by Judge

C Murder is locked up for murder for natural life and some how the Louisiana rapper is still getting into more trouble. C Murder is locked up for a shooting in 2001 where a man was killed in a night club called Club Raggs.

C Murder has always said he didnt kill anybody and was the big name person who went down for the crime. After just being locked up for one year he released some music that had the courts and those with high power wondering how did he record new music while in jail.

“The Louisiana Department of Corrections began looking into how Miller managed to record material from behind bars in January, when reports of a new album first surfaced,” prison spokeswoman Pam Laborde said last March. C was sent to “disciplinary camp” following the probe.

Being in jail for the rest of your life leaves no room for more punishment but the louisiana court system is looking into getting information on how much money he earn and strip him off all money made off his current album "Penitentiary Chances" he dropped with Louisiana rapper Boosie BadAzz in 2016.

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