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Common Says Chicago’s Local Officials Should Help the City Instead of President Trump

Common speaks out with his own opinion about President Trump call for the Feds to Chicago if the killings keep going on in the city. This comes out at a time where even in 2017 Chicago's shooting violence has higher numbers than 2016, making it the third year that gang violence has risen the city murder rate.

Common spoke with TMZ after a reporter ask how did he feel about all the fed talk coming to his home town to stop the killings.

“For me, I feel like to help Chicago, you know, we’ve got to take care of our own,” Common says. “Within the community, we’ve got to do things. It’s a lot of people out there already organizing and doing things. We need our state and local people to do things.”

“We need our stay-local people to do things,” Common says.” We don’t need that type of mentality, so I am not focused on the president right now. I’m focused on helping the people in the city and how we can do it.”

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