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Shibuya Tyson Drops Exclusive Interview with Lucci Vee

Lucci Vee is back with another exclusive interview with

Inside the interview Lucci talks about upcoming shows and latest music she dropped she also talks bout bad girls club and and group fallout with Sasha go hard Katie got bands and Chella h.

During the interview Lucci Vee told us how she started recording complex studios and started taking rap serious back in 2010.

Lucci Vee also talks about her best friend Queen Envi how they met each other and they upcoming music project they have dropping in the future.

Lucci also explains why they like each other so much she gives many reasons why they have so much love for each other.

During the interview we got a chance to ask her best friend Queen Envi a few questions in got back some amazing responses stay in tune for more updates.

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