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Popular Youtuber Chicago News Vanish After Saying He Has Proof D Rose and Ario is innocent Of Murder

Last week a popular Youtube channel was taking down without warning and left a community of fans lost for words. You wonder why would so many people be so upset and curious about this particular channel and person, he said some things about the Chicago police department that could have caused his self to be in a crazy situation with the law or street gangsters.

The Youtube channel was called Chicago News where he talked to local artist and talked to his fans about everyday Chicago news. In his most recent post he said that he had proof to prove that 600 D Rose and and Ario did not commit the murder that they are locked up for.

He said the police knew what was going on between the two sets and had something very personal against D Rose because he was a know shooter. Days after posting the video nobody has seen or heard from the guy who created the Youtube channel.

The war in Chicago between the sets in which these guys was arrested for are still beefing and the back and forth on twitter continue to spill out on social media. One must ask if the beef is so much in the open is D Rose and Ario innocent of murder and only going to jail because of false eye witnesses.

The video that he released basically said that the police isnt dong there jobs correctly, since the pagewas deleted it has been rumors that the guy is in jail for reporting news in Chicago and having his own way of finding facts. He was a Youtuber who broadcast information that's already on the internet for fans all across the world who is caught up in the show of the Bd's vs Gd's

No matter where you from on the planet the number one rule is never snitch. The streets is always talking and has information about what goes on in the under world. Its been a big war going on between the O Block Bd's vs Stl Gd's right now that has left both sides loss with death of love ones and friends.

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