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Untrail Boyd #Buttpacks Speaks On His Most Dangerous Moment Reporting Urban News Live In The Field (

I got a chance to talk with the man behind the camera of Buttpacks TV out of Chicago, his name is Untrail Boyd. We talked about his life as a young teen in Chicago, thoughts and lessons he learned on his transitions to the Man he is today.

Trail has become a major outlet for uncut news throughout the world covering Chicago news. He started recording from his block on the west side, with all the work and success of the uncut news recording it is now being done on the south side of Chicago in the heart of Englewood.

Trail has been recording people for just about 5 years, from regular citizens to hookers, murder scenes, neighborhood corner store action, and inner city issues.

While filming he have no problem giving his audience his personal opinions and messages to the youth about things that effect the area, how people live and survive in Chicago.

With all the negative energy in the city Trail always find a way to show how the people get along and have fun while trying to survive in a city full of pain and murder

Check out this small clip where Trail talks about a fight he had while recording live on Facebook. Full interview will be dropping soon

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