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22 Savage and 21 Savage Continue To Beef Over Social Media

21 Savage and 22 Savage continue to go back and forth with words, 22 went on to say that 21 Savage and his manager team has been reaching out to outlets to get his music banned. You can check out the tweets and videos the two have made about each other.

“I guess I’m p***y cause I did comedy before. You n****s got me f***ed all they way up,” 22 said. “I been living like that. Play with me, it’s going down. Straight up. That’s all I gotta say. N****s laugh at they homeboys everyday. You make a n***a laugh, you crack a joke, that’s a damn joke. You a comedian. Shut yo b***h ass up.”

“N****s be quick to talk about ‘N****S is Internet beefing. N***a, you made your whole life out the Internet riding my d**k. You is the king of the Internet. You get on the Internet trying to act like me. You can’t imitate this s**t. You a punk.”

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